22 years old.
New Yorker.
Aspiring creative something-or-other, writer, Whovian, Whedonite, Sherlockian, and general film enthusiast. Lover of robots, folktales, HBO originals, dystopian fiction, Cillian Murphy, Harry Potter, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Michael Crichton, Battlestar Galactica, Vinylmation, nail polish, Tetris, Final Fantasy, culture study, history, human nature, citrus fruit, The Catherine Tate Show, TRON, The Walking Dead, classic Pokemon, Jonathan Lethem, Walt Disney World, Yoshi, Pixar, Community, nutrition, Match Game, theater, Cowboy Bebop, Graham Norton, Imogen Heap, experimental music, astrological study, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, QI, English Premier League, Rufus Wainwright, Top Gear, hockey, Steven Gerrard, and technobabble.

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TOP 10 | FAVORITE ACTRESSES |#1 - Rachel Griffiths